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  • Yellowstone National Park - United-States

    Yellowstone National Park - United-States

In contrast to sites that depict the emotion of a journey through a text, I preferred to show emotion through photos. So you will not find a lot of text describing, for example, climbing with backpack Taquile Island to almost 4000 m above sea level on Lake Titicaca in Peru, or an impromptu trip to discover an ancient Egyptian tomb not open to the public... I give free rein to your imagination so that you experience your own emotion during this adventure.

Italian trip in Tuscan
Rome - Fontain of Trévi

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Through Adventures of a Globetrotter; you'll be able to browse through different countries by looking at 3000 photos, slide shows and videos.

Have you ever dreamed to go around the world or to visit distant lands, so, wander across frontiers, over the immensity and beauty of nature. Look at the different routes traveled. Maybe some ideas for your future adventures ? You've traveled, so tell us about the trips you've been on.

Uluru ayers rock
Australia - Uluru
United states of america
USA - San Francisco
Globetrotter in Pharaonic Egypt
Egypt - Pyramid of Khéops
Tibetain Nepal
Nepal - Annapurna
The Andes Cordillera - Machu-picchu
Peru - Machu-Picchu
Greece - Acropole
Greece - Parthenon
Tunisia - Mosque of Kairouan
 Yucatan in Mexico
Mexico - Pyramid of Kukulcán


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