A site ! Why ?

Why a travel site ?

Firstly, share the emotion experienced during my travels .

I give free rein to your imagination so that you experience your own emotion during this adventure.

The first trips were made between 1983 and 1995. After a family break of several years, the desire for more distant adventures awoke. With my recent trip, Jordan, I renew my interest in the discovery of ancient civilizations. The taste for adventure grew, the objective of my trips has broadened. You'll find several thousand photos on the site. Some of them come from the slides I scanned-in.

I chose this way of shooting, at the time, because projecting the image onto a screen seemed more appropriate to feeling and amplifying the emotion than just paper 10x14cm photos.
Digital technology, especially for my last trip to Australia, has greatly facilitated my work. Therefore, the pictures are better.

In the introduction to each photo gallery you will find a description of the main places I have visited. In slideshow mode, all the photos are presented with a caption so as to better perceive the "meaning" of the image.

Secondly, to share, the organization of a journey once again. It was when planning my last trip that the idea came to me, to visually transpose information that woul be useful to my journey onto a map. This meant that I would have a synthesis of necessary information, for example: the location of a hotel, a supermarket, a car rental company. The visual aid could be city map, a nature park with curiosities not to be missed, a region with distances to different stopovers etc.. This document is a visual synthesis. No connection with a guide that contains information that has nothing to do with you.

3500 photos are now being on the site. Added to this, there are short videos of different countries.

How can it be used ?

Not time wasting getting to the essentials. In a journey, time is important.

Who is it for ?

For those wishing to organize, manage, not their overall route, but the details of the route. It is in the details that we waste time.

"It's obvious," some will say! But for others, it isn't. I'm simply proposing to share my personal travel organization and, thus help you to organise your personal plan.

If you are interested then read on to the next topic. Otherwise, look at the various galleries, either to find an emotion during a trip that you have already made, or to experience an emotion that you would liketo feel in a future trip.