A travel service

So, what's the deal?

A free service is uncommon nowadays. Personally, I feel that the concept of giving freely is not only a disinterested act but it should also be a pleasure. This means that no remuneration should be involved.

Some will say, "Beware of what is free ... !" It is true that money is omnipresent today.

But then, should we be wary of all volunteers, of all associations, of non-profit organizations working for the good of others without asking for any compensation ?

Should we be wary of anyone who, in a gesture of altruism, provides assistance to a family member, a friend in need, a neighbor, a stranger in distress ?

  • What's in it for me ? The pleasure to have done you a favour. Well yes! This does still exist.
  • What have I to lose? The fact of doing nothing.

What about you ? If it can help you in your journey ... Why not accept ?
What have you got to lose ?

A free service being a rarity nowadays, I'm therefore offering you a luxury !