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Trip of a globetrotter

Through Adventures of a Globetrotter; you'll be able to browse through different countries by looking at 3000 photos, slide shows and videos. Have you ever dreamed to go around the world or to visit distant lands, so, wander across frontiers, over the immensity and beauty of nature.

Look at the different routes traveled. Maybe some ideas for your future adventures ? You've traveled, so tell us about the trips you've been on.

In contrast to sites that depict the emotion of a journey through a text, I preferred to show emotion through photos. So you will not find a lot of text describing, for example, climbing with Taquile Island to almost 4000 m above sea level on Lake Titicaca in Peru, or an impromptu trip to discover an ancient Egyptian tomb not open to the public... I give free rein to your imagination so that you experience your own emotion during this adventure.

Prepare your trip

Adventure of a Globetrotter offers out a form you to create automatically your own travel list.

Over 130 items are included so you can make your choice. When creating your list will be sent by mel to you.

Furthermore a set of information on the seasons, temperatures, distances are present to assist you in preparing your trip.

Good adventure !

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Latest adventure news

  • Certainly one of the seven natural wonders of the world, northeast of the Australian coast, the largest coral reef in the world.


  • The Uluru-Kata Tjuta home to two magnificent geological formations, the best known is Uluru, or Ayers Rock.


  • Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia, and one that is growing fastest. It is the capital of the state of Queensland in eastern Australia.


  • On one side of the other Alice Springs extend for 249 miles, the MacDonnell Ranges, a rocky barrier where successive gorges, canyons and beautiful oasis.


  • The Whitsundays is an essential places for travelers in Australia: Islands, sea, lagoons and adventures ...


  • Kings Canyon in Watarrka National Park, is a giant canyon of red sandstone overlooking beautiful amphitheater lined with huge cliffs.


  • Peaceful surroundings of Litchfield National Park, 62 miles south of Darwin with dense forests and lush, spectacular waterfalls.


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