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Through Adventures of a Globetrotter; you'll be able to browse through different countries by looking at 3000 photos, slide shows and videos. Have you ever dreamed to go around the world or to visit distant lands, so, wander across frontiers. Discover the beauty of nature and some ancient civilizations. Look at the different routes traveled. Maybe some ideas for your future adventures ? You've traveled, so tell us about the trips you've been on.
give free rein to your imagination so that you experience your own emotion during this adventure.
As I walked over the ancient remains, I realized that a breadcrumb trail marked the centuries until today. Several thousand years old and having constantly accompanied the gods of antiquity, the FRANKINCENSE is a source of curiosity and interest
  • Adventures of a Globetrotter in Oman

    Bilad Sayt - Oman

  • Petra - Jordan

  • Traditional Dances of Muscat Festival January 2019

    Festival of Mascate -Oman

  • Ras al Hadd - Oman

  • Adventures of a Globetrotter in Sultanat of Oman

    Sur - Oman

  • Wadi Rum - Jordan

  • Mascate -Oman

  • Whitsunday Islands - Australia

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