Create your travel list

This form allows you to do your own list to take on a trip of several weeks or months. Pack your backpack with the different suggestions below and receive your list by e-mail.

Pre-checked items seem to me an essential part of a trip abroad. However, depending on your type of trip: excursion, camping, or mountain trek ... just clear the checked or ticked boxes that you feel are unappropriate and tick those you want to add.

Wherever you go, choose light, comfortable, resistant, easy to wash and quick drying clothing. Go for technical clothing.
The question that often arises is how many many of each should one take? 3, 4, 5 pairs of socks? 4,5,6 lots of underwear?
The pragmatic response would seem to be minimum three: one worn, one spare and won drying. Then it's up to you of course to take more. Beware of differences in climate!

Depending on your type of accommodation some accessories will be favored. Other less.

Here also depending on the type you are considering restoring some items may not be required. Needless to getting weighed down you will buy locally.

Make copies or scan administrative documents so that you can recover them in case of loss.
Disconnect any electronic equipment, such as laptops, when travelling..